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    In languages, other than English, you will find there is usually more than one word for love. After all, there are many kinds of love. Love for family, love for a life partner, love between a parent and child, sexual love, love for the Divine, love for self and so on. In English, we only seem to have one word to describe all of these! It’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of love when we are constantly bombarded with the material trappings of the one day we have set aside to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day. But when the flowers have wilted and the chocolates have been consumed, the question still remains… what is love?

    Some people seem to think that we have to be in a constant state of feeling euphoric, like when we begin a new relationship with a partner and everything is shiny and new, but then find after a while we “fall” out of love with them. What’s that about? We come out of that euphoria with a thud! Perhaps it’s time to re-define love? And you might say, well love is love and always will be, in fact the whole Universe is made from love. And that’s true… but think of it this way… just like a child comes to understand what love is and then that child grows into a teenager and then an adult, doesn’t the meaning of love change as the child gains emotional maturity? So it may be time to upgrade our definition of love according to the new level of maturity in our evolution.

    What if love wasn’t a high or a low, what if we were to just feel life itself? Gaining new levels of self love doesn’t mean that life always flows smoothly. Rather, no matter what happens in life, whether you are experiencing a triumphant moment or moments of unbearable pain, you just love yourself. Nurturing and supporting yourself during ANY experience, instead of a particular experience. And as you do this for yourself, the world begins to align itself around you to support you in this new state of being. After all, we have all come to this planet to have certain experiences, so to avoid these experiences is not the goal here. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Love is not something you are waiting to embody, it’s not feeling high all the time… it’s an energy of harmony. It’s a state when we have integrated all attachments, expectations, “shoulds” and “if only’s” and all that’s left… is love, a state of peace, of harmony inside. It’s the compassion, joy, kindness and caring you offer yourself and others, whatever is going on in life.

    “Love is the response of greater support”.
    Bringing forth the love that I am…
    From my heart to yours

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    WHAT IS LOVE ANYWAY? In languages, other than English, you will find there is usually more than one