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Maya is an international Transformation Guide, Gong Sound Bath Practitioner, Light Language Chanel and DNA Activator. As a WU Best Help featured member, she offers sliding scale and reduced rates on my services of one on one sessions, courses and personal gong sound bath tracks.

She channels messages from the Star Mothers (a group of Light Beings from many planets in our galaxy including the Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda), Arch Angel Michael, Ashtar Command, The Elohim, Sirian High Council of Light, Master Kuthumi and other ascended Masters.Maya also channels the wisdom of the whales and dolphins.

Through the process of self-love, an awakening of an inner knowing revealed lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life's purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound. Memories from Maya's Akash bring forward information about Lemuria and the priestess Alel'ha, a High Priestess in the Temple of Mu (LeMUria), taught by the Pleiadian Star Mothers how to heal with sound, as well as the information about the Lemurian Circle of Oneness. She was a High Priestess in Atlantis during the Golden Age where she was healing with sound and has had a lifetime as a high priestess in Ancient Egypt, working in the sound healing Recalibration Chambers, as well as having had significant lives as a Tibetan monk. She is a Star Seed, Wayshower and a messenger of the Blue Ray. (All of this has been verified by others)   

In this life time, Maya is a Gong Sound Bath Practitioner, Speaker and Teacher in practice for over 14 years. Maya offers workshops, online classes and private online sessions which bring people far more than releasing, healing and balancing, DNA activating, frequency shifting and self-empowerment.

Facilitating workshops around the world, her work is focused on opening the heart and mind of humanity through sound, by using frequencies to change each listener's brainwave state, which touches the deepest parts of each individual's being; and assists with overcoming long held blocks, simultaneously creating a space into which the listener can expand into.

During her Gong Sound Bath sessions, Maya channels Light Language and translates it into sound, harmonising her gongs to create a multi-dimensional soundscape. These sounds, together with the Light Codes, help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember the multi-dimensional nature of our being. ​Soulful and exquisitely beautiful, the harmonic sounds of the gongs and Maya's voice weave a gentle yet powerful energy around and through you, releasing, balancing and illuminating the deepest part of your being. 

We are multi-dimensional beings living in separation. Maya's harmonics help to bridge unity consciousness by merging the chakras into one chakra - the Heart chakra, and bridging the various brainwave states (alpha, beta, theta) into the higher vibrations of Gamma brainwaves, to bring you into your multi-dimensional self; grounded in your heart-centred consciousness. As we journey together, we merge our inner and outer worlds to create the world we all wish to live in for the wellbeing of everyone.

Maya has a unique combination of skill sets including her teachings about the "Lessons From Lemuria", deep inner work and self-love, combined with her unique skills as a Gong Practitioner and Light Language Channel, is empowering people to open up to more of who they truly are. Maya acknowledges you are a Master in your own right, as she holds you in the Oneness of all of creation, which serves as a reminder to all of humanity, that we are capable of living in harmony, peace and love with each other and with our beloved planet.

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