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    Hey Everyone!
    A few of my friends and myself have been working on a guided journal for yoga. It includes principles from yoga philosophy and modern psychology to help you stay positive, reflect and grow in your yoga practice and as a person.

    We are doing pre-sales now, but if we don’t reach our funding goal by July 19th (35 days) we don’t receive any funding.

    I understand how valuable your time is, so if you would like to help spread the word, I’ve created a page to earn money per sale ( https://the-yogis-journal-a-companion.kickbooster.me/boost ).

    I’ve been working on this journal for six months and know it can help so many people! If anyone has a spare moment to have a look at help support (Send your link in emails, social media, whichever platform suits you) we’ll be forever grateful!


    Sending love, happiness and joy your way!