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Mary Guariglia

Seek Your Joy -Create-Your-Reality-Now

Hi, Mary here and so happy to be part of a community of like-minded people who contribute to others and our Universe! What a great honor it is to be among such "awareness".


Being a “Seeker” of the Truth my entire life, I came across many interesting and awesome careers in my search for my JOY, Peace, Harmony and Love in my world!


Life is a Journey and all of it is part of the process never ending, always expanding energy of light, sound and love, that we BE.  My target is to inspire and contribute where I am required in the world! What else is possible? My mission is to speak my Truth and Share and Listen to those who are seeking as well. I am constantly in awareness that we do know what we know and our truth is our truth. With love in our hearts, we all can contribute and benefit from all the diversity on this planet and live together is harmony regardless of our reality.


Here is a synopsis of how I got to this space of Universal Love and commitment to the Kingdom of We! (This Heaven on Earth to Be!) 

  • I have been a home based business entrepreneur for over 20 years with nutritional companies and this has expanded my knowledge of team leadership and personal development in my present facilitating Lifestyle Coach at SeekYour Joy.
  • After seeking and searching my entire life for the peace and joy I so desperately longed for and meditating for over 20 years, with in  the past 4 years found that which empowered me into the next level of transformation with ease and joy. It is clear to me how these new pragmatic tools and new energy work added to my box of tools!
  • I saw major transformation in my life first in all areas:  relationship with self and others, health, abundance (including financial) and a sense of lasting joy. Working with clients and teaching this work, I saw those who used these tools expand and find their transformations…

Mary Guariglia

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