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Martin D Martinez

Holistic Energy Healer and Dream Whisperer

I’m owner of Healing At Last, LLC ( I am a Holistic Energy Healer and Dream Whisperer practitioner.  My primary healing modality is Pranic healing but will often integrate Reiki or Shamanic (and others) healing methods based on what will help my clients the most. My intuitive dream whisperer abilities allow me to what I call “dreaming for others” where I take a client’s question into my lucid dreaming state and obtain an answer to your question.

Before I began my work as a healer and exploring consciousness, I obtained a BS degree in Computer Science, which led to a successful thirty-three-year long career working for a Fortune 100 Company with the last 16 years as a Senior Cyber Security specialist. My technical background has been useful in helping me process various pieces of information from my client and identify the best healing solution possible. I call this process my “Spiritual Forensics,” which takes into account the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Martin D Martinez

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