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Marni Setless

Helping you heal your sh#t and live a happier life, Intuitive Energy Healer * Medium*Meditation*BodyLove

Being a powerful "bad ass" energy healer is my brilliance, It's my purpose and what charges me up. I love love love being with a client and feeling - seeing them shift during our time together. I see things happen energetically that are so amazing and I want to shout out how incredible it is to bear witness and be part of these changes. I get super excited when I hear from clients about how something in their life or body has shifted or how they handled a situation differently since our time together.

And what I do doesn't look or feel like anything anybody else does because of my Marniness. I am helping clients heal:

physical pain
emotional pain
relationship pain,
self love pain
feeling stuck pain
body love pain
love pain

I help clients create awareness and heal. I teach them tools, tips and practices to help them OWN their reframed beliefs, shifted feelings and continue moving forward and embracing change and growth. This helps the energy healing integrate and become part of them.

It isn't always easy. Sometimes they are scared and resistant. Aren't we all at times?  I support them with love, compassion, and authenticity. Their results are astounding. Pain heals. They are happier. They sleep amazing. They connect easier with people. They are more "with it" with themselves and loved ones. They become more productive. Their sex lives get better. And if the sh#t is hitting the fan, they have tools to help them manage.

I have never felt so clear and confident about what I am doing and how much I am helping.  Helping clients allows me to be a better me, wife, mommy, daughter, and friend. I am passionate about love, laughter and life.

Thank you for being sacred witness to my evolution and claiming who I truly am.

XO Marni

Intuitive Energy Healer Lovepreneur

PS. If you or someone you know is dealing with pain and you are so done with it, message me and let's begin.

Marni Setless

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