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Marissa Costonis

Health Change Guru, Holistic Health Coach, Food Transition

Change is hard, change is messy, change BITES. But now there is an easier way to change your diet and your health one bite at a time.

In my new book, "Change Bites, 5 Change Management Strategies to Transform Your Health", I unlock the secret making a long-term food and health transformation. When I was faced with fundamentally changing my entire diet to address my own health issues, I was completely overwhelmed.  Having spent over 10 years helping businesses transform, I thought surely some of those best practices could apply. So the 5 Bites to Health was created as a step-by-step process to bridge the gap between the BEFORE and AFTER a food change.

My health coaching practice focuses not on WHAT to eat but HOW to transition to a new way of eating to improve your health. No matter how big or small the food change, I work with clients to navigate the process every step of the way to ensure sustainable results.

Awards and Affiliations

Winner of Top 10 Author Contest, Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2018

#1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon

Marissa Costonis

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