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    Marisa Ferrera posted an update
    Can you take 30 seconds and vote for me please? I am sooo excited!! I shared the impact I am making with my business in a giveaway… and I made it to the top 5!! If I win, I get a ticket to Captivate and Cash In LIVE with Christina Daves and Cindy Ashton, where I will be landing media attention, connecting with influencers, getting on camera and more!! Just so excited to get my message out to the world on a much bigger level. All you have to do is click this link, enter your information and then click to vote: Voting closes 11:59pm Thursday night. Vote
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    Just saw this post now...It's great to have you with us. Welcome_5
    Marisa Ferrera posted a new activity comment
    So delighted you've chosen to join us. Welcome_1

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