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Marie Paddington-Chivers

Rebuild Refresh Renew

Hey there!
I'm Marie Paddington-Chivers. I am a mum of 3, a Person- Centred Counsellor, Wellness Coach, illness ass kicker and the founder of the Back to Beautiful You project and the BTBY programme.  

I’m a big foodie, ever so slightly obsessed with natural living, the amazing healing power of nature oh and lover of gin. If life hands me lemons my first thought is always going to be to pop them in a gin and tonic. Despite living a pretty wholesome life (most of the time) sometimes I use expletives to express myself and secretly consider myself to be a tad unconventional.

Following years of ill health and a life-changing diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I eventually gave a two-fingered salute to conventional medicine and made it my mission to heal myself through a natural holistic approach.

Thankfully I am now in remission and I have learnt to trust in and befriend myself once more. One thing is for sure  I’m no longer the same person I was when I began my journey. It was tough but now I see it has gifted me so many opportunities to rebuild my life in a better way.

Today I work with women to help them to regain a sense of self to reconnect with their passions and true nature so that they can step into a life of their own and a more fulfilling future.

I run a 12 week mentoring programme and one to one coaching and mentoring sessions.

Tough times can be life changing but they need not be life-defining – it’s how you chose to respond that defines you. 

Marie Paddington-Chivers

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