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I  have been a  Multidimensional  Healer  using  my  binuaral  high  frequency  sound  Reiki   tones  since  1982.  I  have   worked  on  Oranum a  international  skype  psychic   websight. I  have  been  on  and  hosted several  internet  radio  shows. I have   written a autobiography  triology on  Amazon called   "Were  off  to  be  Wizards"    "I'm  off  to   free the  Wizard"  and   "I'm  off  to be the  Wizard".   I   have   my  sound  Reiki  tones  on my  You  tube  channel  under   Kosmaks  Cosmos.

I  am   clairvoyant, clair  audiant,  clairsent.  I channel  the  masters  and  the  angels.  I have  healed  many  demographic people with  different  aliments.   I  also  do  full deck  tarot  card   readings.    I am now   also  working   as  a home health  aide.   Alot  of  my  clients  are now  good  friends  of  mine  as  they  have  experienced  my healings.


Marci Kosich

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