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On a mission to spread the eternal Truth for the ultimate Authority as revealed by Guru Nanak, the founding father of Sikhism

Manjeet Singh is a researcher of Guru Granth Sahib who has dedicated his life to spread the timeless Truth the Holy Sikh Scripture carries. Coming from a humble God-loving family that inculcated the view of Simple Living - High Thinking in his personality, he kept involved in various business ventures for twenty-five years until a near-death experience led him on a spiritual path a decade ago. Since then, he developed a platform of his own to present the Truth of God and The Purpose of Human Life as depicted in the Scripture.
Being a regular author on world's largest Sikh portal; Manjeet is known among millions of its members and visitors for his published articles. His contemporary writing style presents the insights of the Holy Book in an easy-to-grasp manner.
In order to establish Guru Nanak’s intent of welfare of all; Manjeet has developed a vision to extend the Scripture's guidance across the globe through his brand Science-To-Spirit a few years ago which is popular on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The brand’s Facebook Page has already earned 350,000 fans and is growing steadily. The Page's articles and posts are frequently shared in over 100 relevant Facebook Groups that reach out to millions of targeted individuals and liked by thousands. Many quotes from the author's forthcoming book The Revelation have become familiar and shared by individuals across various media platforms. Apart from this, Manjeet also runs his own Facebook Group under his brand-name which has 3500 members.
Science-To-Spirit has been strategically created with a plan to bring out new books within the spectrum of the earthen and the eternal realms. Not only will it provide the necessary presence to the author's new book; it will serve as a landing stage to other thought-provoking authors in the future.

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