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Malka Ahern

Vision is More Than What Meets the Eyes

My journey with alternative forms of healing started as a teen when a chiropractor took  care of a back issue that the doctors said would be around the rest of my life. Later NLP, Homeopathy and Strategic Intervention Coaching would each do their part in resolving “incurables”. After having studied and practiced the latter three I found QHHT’s approach of getting to the core and resolving even physical issues in just one session to be extremely effective and refreshing.

Coming from, and still currently immersed, in an ultraorthodox Jewish tradition, my goal is to bring the healing techniques of QHHT to religious communities which often times are warry of anything having to do with hypnosis. Though the role of a QHHT practitioner is very much that of a facilitator and one’s religious beliefs are not factors, in some communities it will add to the trust and comfort levels therefore enhancing the ease and effectiveness of the healing session.

While servicing the general public my specialty is working with the Jewish Orthodox, Hassidic, and Chabad Lubavitch communities.

Awards and Affiliations

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique certified practitioner

Robbins Madanes Training - Mastery program former student



Malka Ahern

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