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    SOAR! Your Own LIFE ECLIPSE! Enjoy the Replay of this Powerful Life Alchemy Eclipse Activation and Attunement call.
    Here’s the link:
    Eclipse the old and Soar into the New!

    Special Offer: Eclipse 3 Package -This package of private, one-to-one Higher Guidance Coaching Sessions with Malinda is designed to assist you in moving through the powerful and important current eclipse season we are experiencing:

    Partial Solar Eclipse – July 13th
    Total Lunar Eclipse – July 27th
    Partial Solar Eclipse – August 11th

    The focus right now is on YOU! You have a magnificent opportunity to truly come home to yourself…using Your Own Higher Guidance…

    The 3 sessions must be scheduled and completed by August 11th and can be done by phone or Skype, your choice. This package is offered at a huge discount (over 60% off the regular price)!

    Buy Here:


    There’s More! If you want to go even deeper, consider enrolling in my upcoming LIFE ECLIPSE ALCHEMY PROGRAM:

    In just 8 weeks, YOU WILL CREATE a personal and powerful Life Eclipse Alchemy Plan for your life in 8 major areas:

    1. Relationships with Self, Family, Friends, Community

    2. Career, Work, Contribution and Service

    3. Lifestyle and Life Environment

    4. Money and Financial Matters

    5. Body, Health, Wellness, Wholeness

    6. Love, Romance, Partnership, Significant Other

    7. Personal Growth and Spiritual Expansion

    8. Recreation, Pleasure, Fun and Joy

    Register Here:


    The LIFE ALCHEMY program includes:

    1. Weekly Life Alchemy Power Focus Call ( a 90-minute live call, recorded and downloadable if you are unable to attend)

    2. Program Intention Journal – Outline of upcoming Weekly Topic and Focus sent via email each week

    3. Personal Blessing Mantra designed just for You

    4. Eclipse Alchemy Essence made especially for this program from rare and potent Andean Orchid Flowers


    What will change for you as a result of this program?

    Increased sense of personal power and sovereignty…you’ll feel like you actually OWN your life!
    You will experience a palpable dissolving of anxiety and fear.
    Key relationships begin to strengthen and improve.
    Overall health will increase and your appearance will change for the better.
    Your clarity, self-expression and creativity will expand.
    Your life will become markedly more fascinating and enjoyable. You will feel JOY!
    New opportunities for abundance and fun will show up in unexpected ways.
    Your life will become deeply purposeful, more meaningful and beautiful…
    You will become the most interesting and insightful person you know!

    The Life Alchemy program gives you the opportunity to TAKE IT DEEPER.. and in 8 WEEKS COMPLETELY ECLIPSE YOUR OLD LIFE WITH THE NEW