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Malane Shani

Inspire... Activate... Elevate

With over two decades as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader and most importantly, real life, in the trenches coaching experience Malane's vision is unique.  Her fusion of her intuition, experience and professional training supports her in tapping into the authentic nature of her clients helping them to discover and begin to live the authentic life they were born to live.  This is crucial to emotional and mental health and wellbeing.  Life Coaching promotes positive change and supports personal and professional empowerment. It is for everyone, from every walk of life.
Malane is an internationally known Life/Relationship Coach and she has supported clients all over the world: Jamaica, Africa, Argentina, Asia, UK, Barbados, Bahamas, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States. Clients ranging from corporate executives, high ranking government officials, celebrity stylist, entrepreneurs, business coaches, attorneys, stay at home moms, college students and service workers have all partnered with Malane to find authentic purpose, build emotional stamina, move through change, loss and transition and to successfully take their careers and personal lives to the next level and to make their dreams and visions a reality. Also, to strengthen and encourage deeper connections in their relationships and personal interactions.
Malane sometimes referred to as “Mesmerizing” for her ability to captivate any audiences or as the “Transformer” for her skill and ability to inspire her clients to transform now and live their best life.  She is known for her simple yet powerful coaching style with her combination of true life stories and simple tools and techniques she connects with her clients both on an intimate and individual level so that they can succeed in any area of their lives.
Malane has served as the CEO for Malane Shani Global Empowerment for over 25 years which is an alternative solutions company for mental and emotional health and well-being and specializes in harmonizing mental and emotional health. MSGE accomplishes this by using alternative technologies to clear old cellular memory and to illuminate the light of authentic living. Through workshops, empowerment programs, and individual and group sessions, Malane’s intention…

Causes and Organizations

Malane’s current community partnerships include Results Central where she founded The Healing Spa for emotional and mental health and well-being,  Sevananda Natural Foods Market where she conducts leadership trainings and team building and NIA a non-profit organization for young adult women where she serves as a mentor and event speaker.…

Malane Shani

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