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Malane Shani is a masterful creator of healing sacred communal spaces for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.
In these spaces, clients heal, discover purpose and transform their lives. In her company Malane Shani Global, she has created these spaces in the form of coaching groups, private coaching sessions, virtual classes, and speaking engagements.

Malane educates and empowers her clients using her own proprietary healing exercises and tools, personal life experiences, extensive professional training, and well-developed intuition. She provides a judgment-free space for her clients to release blockages and identify their life purpose.

How can we support you?
Heal Your Life Coach
Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Educator
Inspirational Speaker
Bereavement Coach

Malane Shani facilitates classes and programs in three ways:

  1. Her First International, for women only.
  2. Kyngmakers International, for men only.
  3. Born to Transform Institute, where she trains the next generation of spiritually-centered coaches and healers.

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What are the benefits of working with Malane Shani Global?
Release anxiety, stress in order to increase joy
Clear mental, emotional and spiritual blockages in order to discover life's purpose
Deepen self-love in order to strengthen your connection with Spirit
Heal relationships and learn how to connect with others at a deeper level
Experience personal growth and development
Cause permanent, sustainable prosperity, abundance and healing in your life

Here’s what others are saying:
"Everything in my life has up-leveled from my relationships, business partnerships, career, and most importantly the relationship I have with myself and aligning to who I AM. I’m forever a space of awe and gratitude for the level of love and support I’ve received and continue to receive from Malane." - Shaka S.

"Thank you Malane for being transparent with me by not saying what I wanted you to say, but what needed to be said to help free me. You allowed me to see myself and who I really am, and now I can live more freely, lovingly, and abundantly by being authentically me." - Carol R.

"When I first began my coaching with Malane, I was knee-deep in my stories of low self-worth, confusion, and depression. My life is completely transformed and looks nothing like it did six months ago. I have experienced transformation from the inside out with her compassionate and commanding coaching." - Khadija A.

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Causes and Organizations

Malane’s community partnerships have included Results Central where she founded The Healing Spa for emotional and mental health and well-being,  Sevananda Natural Foods Market where she conducted leadership trainings and team building and NIA a non-profit organization for young adult women where she served as a mentor and event speaker.  Malane has also founded the Sacred Daughters and Sons organizations where she served as Spiritual Mentor to youth ages 12-14, she also supported the High Frequency Radio Network where she hosted a free weekly empowerment radio show, focused on elevating relationships, Spelman College where she facilitated a leadership program for freshman students through her unique curriculum, “I Am Top Talent”, the Living Foods Institute where she has conducted monthly workshops on emotional healing and well-being and provided private and group life coaching sessions and the Douglas County homeless shelter where she developed and facilitated a weekly empowerment program that supports women in transition.

Certifications and Credentials

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) World Coach InstituteCertified Relationship Coach (CRC) World Coach InstituteCertified Bereavement Coach (CBC) World Coach InstituteCertified Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC) Coaching from Spirit InstituteOrdained Interfaith Minister

*****The World Coach Institute certification programs are Foundational International Coach Federation & Board Certified Coach Approved Coach Training Programs

Malane Shani

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