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Mahalia Michael

Bliss is our Birthright

I am a light sound conductor, author, artist, dancer, speaker, mystic, medical intuitive, longevity coach and integrative health guide.  I have been practicing and teaching in the field of health and wellness for twenty two years and for the last six years with a focus on brain optimization and female sexual health.
I am the founder of Brain-Bliss Light Sound and author of Brain-Bliss, Turn On Your Brilliance.  My light sound conduction is a combination of clairaudience, sounding of white whale and dolphin frequencies and remote seeing abilities.
I am the creator and producer of ALLUMINA animal dance for brain health, the first ever dance fitness DVD tuned to 432hz.  I have performed as an accomplished dancer, integrative wellness guide and award winning athlete, inspiring countless clients to achieve a life of well-being, happiness and prosperity.
I founded Brain-Bliss and Brain-Bliss light sound energy after rehabilitating my own brain and body from over twenty years of PTSD and disability due to a history of hidden trauma.  My traumas include three near death experiences and the side effects of seven major head injuries.
 My childhood ability for clairaudience, medical intuition and remote seeing were re-awakened after having a variety of over one hundred therapeutic sound treatments with several key neural acoustic professionals.  I was also blessed to spend 6 months swimming near the dolphins and hearing the whales from the beaches of the Hawaiian islands.
It was while swimming in the musical frequencies and radiant light of the dolphins and whales that I was ‘activated’.  I came out of the water one day after swimming with what appeared to be an ancient tribe or species of dolphins and spent the day lit up and in Bliss.  I was then able to hear, see and feel the source of trauma within the brain, heart and nervous system of my clients.  
I use this unique ability of seeing into the brain, heart and nervous system, combined with extensive personal study of neural science and brain anatomy to be able to transform these traumas to optimized brain function.  
I reflect the…

Mahalia Michael

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