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Madhavi Devi

Creative Arts and Inspired Music for a Beautiful Life.

Creative artist, harpist, meditative sound painter and author Madhavi Devi (Cheryl Gallagher) performs music and art with intention, composing inspiring sound-spaces reflective of mystical vibrations and light from the center of being. Her critically acclaimed releases feature rich textures and nuanced melodic structures that are evocatively moving and intimate, and yet celestial. Madhavi Devi continues to explore evolving arts and sound as a vital connection to personal discovery.​  As a visual artist, Madhavi creates beautiful atmospheric spaces, especially intended for meditation, and support of inner wisdom and truth. It is Madhavi Devi's intention to share the beauty, the divine, and unique inspiration as musical meditation and spiritual discovery.  She appears at events, meditation and other retreats, lectures and conferences world-wide in her unique mission of cultivating peace, compassion and self-awareness  through her art and music.

​This pursuit has led Madhavi Devi on many inspiring journeys collaborating with artists on Spotted Peccary Music and creating musical meditation performances from the heights of the Himalaya Mountains, trekking through Tibet and Nepal with fellow artists Deborah Martin and Mark Hunton, for the SPM release TIBET, and the inspiring “SOURCE OF COMPASSION” with Howard Givens.  She has explored the most sacred inner contemplations of womanhood through her widely-received self-released PREGNANT PAUSE, and has fused the harp with electronic sound-spaces on numerous tracks and projects, all while examining the spaces between the notes... and the spaces between the worlds.

"We ride the creative edge of existence on this plane, and yet God, ever-omniscient, all-understanding and all-loving, knowing the ultimate end-game, gathers us all up ultimately into Him.
Therefore, our practices of divine presence, along with our dedication to the care of ourselves and all others are sacred in nature, and it is very important to appreciate, to preserve, to listen and learn carefully the teachings that are offered, here while we are in Divine service to our world." - Madhavi Devi

Awards and Affiliations

The Recording Academy, (voting member), ASCAP Popular Music Award, BMI, Sound Exchange, Austin Music Foundation, Texas Film Commission

Madhavi Devi

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