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Lynn S. Bachrach

Helping humanity heal, and awaken to the divine within


Lynn is a facilitator of healing and an entrepreneur who helps humanity heal, and awaken to the divine within.  

She holds space to help people, communities, home and land heal. She helps spiritual authors run their businesses in an inspired and effective way. 

In 2011, she held space for a man who suffered for over 40 years with severe chronic back pain. After just a 20-minute healing, his pain disappeared completely. Six years later, when Lynn saw him again, he was still without pain, completely healed. 

Her grandfather developed Jello and she is a third-generation entrepreneur. Lynn has started and run seven companies. At Clinical Research Group, Inc., they contributed almost 200 marketing plans that helped some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies double their clinical trial enrollment rates.  

Lynn was the president of a $10-million publicly-traded company, C.P. Rehab Corp., and prior to that, the top salesperson in two other healthcare companies. One of her authors is a Nautilus Book Awards Winner and the first two books from ttlharmony Publishing are Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

Lynn nurtures her spirit by living with Nature on top of Trail Ridge Mountain outside Asheville, North Carolina.


Lynn S. Bachrach

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