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Lynne Wadsworth

holistic and natural help

Having been Board Certified as a Holistic Health Coach  (AADP) after training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I now love to use my knowledge and training by helping and supporting people in achieving their potential through healthy lifestyles that will impact their entire lives, including relationships, emotionally, physically, with stress, as well as other areas of life. It is my desire to see people be in a healthy place in their lives, knowing that through my support and encouragement they can attain their goals and maximize their healthy living.

Having suffered from migraines since age 21, I am especially empathic to people in a similar situation. Having found holistic help leading to a much more pain-free existence, it is my passion to help fellow-migraineurs find natural, effective remedies helping prevent and lessen the effect of migraines.

As a Board Certified Health Coach, I am privileged to be able to work with people who want to set their life on a better path to health and wellness. As well as being passionate about helping people find an holistic approach to finding natural and holistic remedies to prevent and help with migraine headaches, having been a yo-yo dieter for many years, I am also well versed in helping people with weight loss and healthy lifestyles. I routinely run jump start detox programs to get people started, if that is something they are interested in. It is my goal to help people learn more about health and nutrition and ways to  lose the weight and increase longevity. I love to help people and this is a great avenue.

I am the author of “The Ultimate Migraine Handbook: An Holistic Approach to Pain Free Relief,” (Second Edition 2016), and am a contributing author of “Menopause Maven: Master the Mystery of Menopause.” Both are available on my Website at and through Amazon.



Lynne Wadsworth

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