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Lynda Kaplan

Life starts with Loving Me

Lynda Kaplan is the creator and writer for the health and wellness website, Loving Me.
You can read practical and inspiring articles on how to provide nurturing and loving care for yourself and those you love.
-Read how to optimize your health and well-being, what is positive psychology and how to do it yourself, why should you even think about your
self-love, how to empower your life, and so much more.
In addition to her own site, Kaplan's articles have been featured within other health and wellness websites internationally.

Lynda previously worked in the corporate world and while stimulating and exciting, it was also demanding and stressful.
Lynda focused on learning and using strategies to provide herself with kind and nurturing self-care and wellbeing. Lynda knew it was most important  to take loving care of yourself -so you can continue to work optimally, to care for those you love, and have the vitality to do what you love to do, and to be able to give back to other people, in the way you wish.

Lynda has completed a number of courses in the health and wellness arena. Learning is a life-long passion for Lynda. She enjoys sharing her knowledge for the benefit of her readers. Married and a mother of two, Lynda Kaplan lives in Australia. She loves being near the water and in nature, and she really enjoys being with friends and family.

Lynda Kaplan

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