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Luciana correa

writing life and feelins

I'm a nice person!

Well, it doesn't mean much, because I do believe we are all nice in one or another  way.

People who know me at work may say I'm committed but funny and my friends say I'm supportive.

Anyway, I'm a changed person. Not just because time has passed and I'm calling my life mistakes by the cuddling name of life experience. I'm changed because something very insightful happened to me in 2012.

I had a braintumor and after the surgery I could see the world, my family, my people, my country, my job, and everything you can think of as a totally different matter.

I woke up to the challenging reality of a world that lacks awareness.

People live their daily lives and they are just  unaware. They don't notice how lucky they are because they can breath, walk, talk, dream, fail, get over and go on. It's not because they don't care, as many may think. However, I do agree that some people don't give a second thought to the consequences of their actions. People are unaware in the most strict sense of the world.

I took to my heart the mission of helping people to be aware.

After my brain surgery I was advised to write as a recovery therapy. My brain needed to reboot. I was confused and had problems to organize actions or toughts in a logical sequence. Who on earth notices how complicated thinking is until you are deprived of it?

I wasn't aware of how important it is to think! My mission is helping people to do it; becoming aware and acting towards the conclusions of their thinking exercise.

Writing is my talent so I decided for writing as a means to the end goal.

Writing about life decisions and their consequences took me to writing a trilogy with angels, demons, witchcraft and mostly how the spiritual world interact with the material world. It's not a religious book though I have my faith. I did my best to show that religion is not the point. The Knaasts Saga is something that I…

Luciana correa

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