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Lisa Laskey Parks

Fitness is Ageless!

I'm your objective, as-needed extra set of eyes n hands, and go-to consult for immediate marketing project needs. Together we review and refine your idea, I codify the plan and then selectively execute the digital marketing, content management or event, with reporting that tells you exactly who you're reaching and how they're responding...Enterprise tactics for those on a lean budget or businesses with ad hoc needs.

+ Search Engine Optimization: Ensure that your site is your 24/7/365 workhorse so that your time and investment in its design pays off. I audit the non-public tactics to ensure its it reaches your prospects.

+ Local search: Sync your business listings, pages, and reviews with over 100 online publishers to boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and increase sales. Ensure your info accuracy, and monitor your reviews.

+ Social Media management: Social content that is designed for conversion by cultivating credibility and trust. Ad creation and management that is specifically targeted, tested and followed through the sales funnel to desired outcome. Specializing in limited ad budgets.

+ Content: Blog posts, white papers, press releases, copy writing for collateral. All SEO optimized for digital release to best fortify your presence on the Web.

+ Events: Attendance generation from online to onsite with full execution, and debrief.


I'm a new 50-plus wife of a southern fella, daughter, friend and health & wellness mama. I've completed certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise and university courses in physiology & cadaver-based anatomy.  One of my passions,…

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Quest Scholar parent: QuestBridge is a non-profit program that links high-acheiving, deserving students with education and scholarship opportunities at the leading U.S. colleges and universities.
Human trafficking:  Follow #stoppingtrafficfilm on Instgram
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Lisa Laskey Parks

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