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Lisa Jendza

Magazine Publisher wanting to change the cultural conversation, uplift others, & heal the Earth.

I have spent the better part of a decade as a holistic practitioner.  Working with thousands of women, one-on-one, helped me to witness the challenges and also their triumphs.  Allowing me to coach them on health, personal development, spirituality and business, my clients would often say that I needed a talk show ....or a couch for our "therapy sessions."  

Maria and I partnered on the creation of the media platform that would help us to reach more people.  Eydis Media is an inspired publication that challenges the status quo, introduces holistic living, and opens our readers up to new possibilities from authors who write with love, compassion, and inspiration.  Our message may not be “mainstream” but you can find our publication on “Main Street.”  Our vision is big.  Both a digital media platform combined with a print magazine, expanding into every community. 

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.  ~ Margaret Mead

In the 7 years of publishing a woman’s magazine we know the key to influence change is to meet people where they are and print media reaches people that may never find us online. 

It is our intent to use this magazine to educate women in every community about natural, holistic, and environmentally-friendly products and services.  What sets Eydis apart is that our intention is to introduce more people to spiritual principles and create consumers that are seeking the products and services of this community. 

The digital platform ( is the hub with local print publications being licensed into the communities (  Similar to a franchise, Eydis Magazine is being licensed as a business opportunity for those with similar values that also wish to empower their community.

The print edition is a high quality, full color, esthetically appealing magazine.  While we are environmentally-conscious, our experience has proven that an affluent looking magazine is picked up more often than newspaper print, which allows your message to have a bigger impact.

Who says that a spiritual or holistic magazine has to be ugly, cluttered, or newspaper print?  Who…

Lisa Jendza

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