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I have been an energy healing practitioner for 20 years.   I've had the good fortune to live and study with energy healers and shaman from around the world and I incorporate what I have learned into my practice.

Being board certified in Holistic Health and Alternative Psychology, as well as being a Reiki Master, Tong Ren Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, ThetaHealing Practitioner and Teacher as well as Shamanic Healer andTeacher,  I have confidentially and compassionately helped others identify the root causes of physical, emotional or spiritual illness.  I then energetically change the subconscious beliefs keeping them locked in their present state of dis-ease.  This allows them to heal and move forward in their lives.  I have helped heal many situations as well as people.  

My deep connected to and love for Mother Earth, led me to write "Walk Gently Upon the Earth",  a book which  leads others to open their eyes and become aware of  the beautiful planet that we live on.  Once you make this deep connection, your senses open, you become aware of the beauty surrounding you and you become physically and emotionally stronger.

Prior to my energyhealing practice, I was the founder and co-owner of Wild Women Enterprises, a business formed to celebrate and support women's causes.

Currently, I live in Salem, Massachusetts where I have the best job in the world, caring for my grandson since he was born and teaching him everything I know.  At 5 years old, he is a very compassionate little being who practices energy healing  and communicates with the natural world, just like his grandma.  I believe these young children are the future of our planet so I am doing everything I can to instill in him, a love for the Earth and all her inhabitants. 







Linda Hogan

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