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    Information is knowledge… knowledge is raising awareness.

    Everybody uses Lysol to disinfect. Did you know that Lysol has VOC levels of 1,200ppm 😮 and that anything over 500ppm is ☠️☠️☠️

    Lysol’s main ingredients are chemicals that can contribute to:
    👉Asthma and respiratory problems
    👉Neurological damage/ autism
    👉 ADHD
    👉Hormone disruption and fertility problems

    The amazing thing to me is that ads promote this as his as a must in your home!!

    Lysol is not safe to have in your home, around your babies and pets…. and why even risk it, when there are safer options out there?!?

    I stopped using it as a disinfectant and replaced it with another EPA approved. It has no caustic chemicals, no VOCS, and no chlorine bleach in it.

    Mosy importamtly … NO CHILD SAFETY CAP EITHER! 🍃🍃🍃

    There’s always another way and #WhenYouKnowBetterYouDoBetter 20190718_125254

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