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    Everybody wants honesty. We all want to be told where to find the big deals and big discounts. We all want to be told where to find the best. We all recommend stuff to one another because that’s what friends do.

    Ok so here goes. I hate math so bear with me. 👇🏼

    This Tide jug says it’s 96 loads for $17.99.
    Cool. ✅

    On the back, I discovered it’s actually 96 loads IF you fill the cup to the 2 line. Who does that? What does that mean? So, to do a large load of laundry, you’re filling the cap to atleast the 5 line. 🤨🤔

    Here’s what it means.

    96 loads to the 2 line, 48 loads to the 4 line, and only 36 loads to the 5 line. It means ONLY 36 loads!!!!

    So this $17.99 jug is giving YOU 36 loads?? So to actually get 96 loads, you’d need 3 bottles. $17.99 X 3= $57.97

    Where I shop, THEIR laundry detergent is $17.49 a jug BUT it’s giving me exactly what it says… 96 loads… and that’s before the usual BOGOs, coupons, and checkout specials.

    ✔️Costs less.
    ✔️Works better.
    ✔️Delivered to my door.
    ✔️No caustic, cancer-causing ingredients

    Tell me again why you think the products are too expensive?

    That’s one of the reasons why I switched!

    Ask me how you too can save money!

    #WhenYouKnowBetterYouDoBetter #ByebyeTide #bestkeptsecret IMG_1562603341767

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