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    “How do I know if a product is non toxic?” ??

    I get this question often and it’s a good one!! Companies are popping up right and left claiming to be non toxic….but are they really??? Here are a few good ways to tell.

    1) Where is the product made? Anything from Walmart and Target is made overseas. All the items are made in the same manufacturing center, put into a cargo hold, and shipped and stored all together. So if the Manufacturing center is not non toxic, the products will be cross contaminated. Hence why so many things get recalled that shouldn’t. Those places are nasty!! Plus it takes about a year to get to the US then a year to get to the store. So again, not non toxic even if they claim it is.

    2) Does it require a child proof cap or warning label??? If the answer is yes, it’s not non toxic. If it can kill us to drink it, it shouldn’t be in our homes as we are still absorbing in when we spray or when it touches our skin.

    3) USDA, FDA, FTC, ETA, these are labels you want saying products are organic, safe etc. Now keep in mind the FDA can’t control everything hence why so many products on the shelf are toxic. But those dont have FDA approval. Yes, the system is messed up!

    4) Is it available in Europe??? This is one of my favorites!!!! Europe has banned over 1100 chemicals due to harmful side effects. The US? About 80 ?? And we have more cancer, autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies, blood pressure, diabetes etc. See the pattern??? Less chemicals better health!!

    5) How old is the product?? Walmart and Target products about 2 years old. CVS, walgreens, Amazon are even older!! The older, the worse it works but also the more chemicals it has! Trader Joe’s is about 9 months. The Manufacturer I buy from, 2 weeks!!

    6) Lawsuits, liability insurance etc. The Honest Company has got hit with many lawsuits in the first few years of business and they claim that’s what happens when you build a business. Um no! If products are non toxic people shouldn’t get hurt!! The Manufacturer I shop from, 33 years in business, not 1 cent paid nor recalls .

    7) Science!!!! Most companies have zero scientific evidence to back products so how can they claim its non toxic??? Ask for the science!

    So there you go!!! Don’t be fooled by false marketing and companies that use sneaky words to make you think products are safe. ?? There are better, safer options!!! FB_IMG_1561824767396

    “How do I know if a product is non toxic?” ?? I get this question often and it’s a