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Liberty Forrest

Insight, Support and Guidance for a Balanced, Harmonious Life

Attention Busy Businesswomen: Does any of this apply to you?

You're spreading yourself so thin, you worry about not being a good enough partner or parent.

Creating a routine or consistency seems impossible.

You're so busy trying to build a business that you have no time for a social life.

You're constantly saying "Yes" when you'd really rather say "No."

You're constantly exhausted, running on fumes. You wish your unsupportive partner or family members would take some of the burden off you.

Your mind is spinning a million miles an hour and you can't shut it off.

It seems impossible to find time for yourself - and make it a habit.

You can see some time for yourself at the end of the day but you're too exhausted to do anything rejuvenating.

You're aching to pursue your spiritual or personal journey but feel guilty when your family doesn't understand.

You wonder if it's time to seek outside help before the wheels come off.

You're not sure when you last felt really and truly happy and content.

Maybe you're feeling stuck, a bit lost or needing direction. Or you could use some clarity, a new perspective, or some answers that will help you create the balanced, harmonious life you desire.

If any of this applies to you, I can help!

Combining my own turbulent life and healing journey with my professional background in the social work, counselling and healing industry, for decades my unique perspectives and insights have been assisting countless people.

Together, we will tune in and "laser focus" on some of the deeper issues or other factors that may be causing or contributing to your current challenges. My gentle guidance will help you find clarity to "get you unstuck" and creating a happier, more balanced and harmonious life.

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Awards and Affiliations

Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner

Outstanding Achievement Award by Authors Incorporated, UK

Liberty Forrest

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