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Leora Leon is a  Life Coach, CERTIFIED Shaman,  Reiki Master, Channel, meditation teacher and a Brain Weiss Certified Past Life Regression Therapist.

After navigating through a firestorm of childhood physical and sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, cancer, as well as having a son with severe Autism, who now has passed. Leora decided to allow her trauma to fuel her instead of destroy her.

Never giving up, with determination, extensive education and training, she discovered the secret to leading a happy and successful life.

Leora’s metaphysical education began over 50 years ago as a young child, seeing visions, reading the future and physical energy. More recently she has learned the wonders of the universe from channeling high vibrational beings and physically leaving her body at the age of 21 in a boating accident. The past 30 years she seriously educated herself in many metaphysical concepts.

Leora studied shaman energy healing for over a year and accrued over a thousand hours of actual education and internship for her certification. Leora is a Certified Shaman, a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a Certified Channel, Certified Channeling teacher and a Past Life Regression Therapist, certified through Dr. Brian Weis, author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

Leora currently does several programs, including “Past Life Regression”, “Love Yourself, Change Your Life” and “Chakra Grounding and Connection Meditation”

Leora teaches many classes, such as, Shaman Certification, Meditation Teacher Certification, Channeling Certification etc.

Typically, the size of her classes has a cap of 5-6 persons, per class, as it is a one on one experience and most classes are a four-week class, two- three hours, one day a week. Shaman Energy Healing 1, Certification is a Six week, 1:1course.

Currently she has over 100 active clients and or students that see her for healing or life coaching.

Her largest audience to date was in Europe, at The Opole Amphitheater, sponsored by their television station, TVP3. It was so well received that she was contracted by Opole Radio to do a two separate, 20-hour educational radio series. She has done smaller venues from 20 to 60 people.


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