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Lenka Graner

The Garden of Eden - House of Healing, Transformation, Coaching

I am a Holistic Doctor and a Goal Success Coach and I help individuals and groups to destress and rebalance in order to achieve greater clarity of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals in life.

Gain more self-confidence and get rid of self-doubt.

Guided by Angels, Light and Love, I am a Transformative Empowerment Life Coach utilizing a Holistic Approach - Mind, Body, Soul - to Healing and Personal Empowerment utilizing Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical Personal Transformation through the Power of Unconditional Love, Enlightenment, Ego Release, Trauma Healing, Heart Openings and Expansions, reconnecting the Male and Female aspect within for Bliss and True Happiness.  Accept the benefits of The Garden of Eden diet.  Recognize your true Gifts.  I will help you hear your Soul's Calling and connect with your High Self and the Divine.  Release your Limits, Discover your Power.  Live your Heaven on Earth now. Transform your emotions for more ease and flow. Kundalini Rising. Heighten your Self-Awareness and Self-Mastery. Holistic Medicine, Art, Photography, Reiki, Shiatsu Massage, Ho'oponopono, Travel and Family.

Loving Feedback

"Everything Lenka does is super beautiful and heartfelt and she has a lot of knowledge and a big huge heart." N.D.

"It's very healing just talking to you. You are very gentle and kind." C.N.

“I experienced a most wonderful two hour Shiatsu massage by Lenka, with Reiki healing added at the end. She has great hands, feet too, that she uses consciously with great precision. She tuned into my body and did everything in flow with what was needed or just useful. She's obviously body conscious and offered advice that truly rang true. I only felt pain once, and asked for more there, as it felt important.

I highly recommend Lenka as a body intuitive healer. This was a uniquely deep body massage, soothing too and a highly effective session. Bliss. Thank you…

Awards and Affiliations

Holistic Doctor, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine - 2017

Goal Success Coach - Transformation University - 2017

American Association of Drugless Practitioners - 2019

Breatharian Practitioner - 2019

Reiki Master/Teacher - Reiki Healing Association Membership - 2017

doTERRA Wellness Advocate - 2014

Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church - 2018

Lenka Graner

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