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Leesa Scott

Wealth thru Wellness. Let Wellness Work for You!

Are you tired of being... tired?
•Are you frustrated with stopping at the drive-thru because you don’t have time to grocery shop and cook?
•Would you like easy and delicious recipes?
•Would you like to exercise but can’t fit one more thing into your day?
•Are you ready to live a Balanced and Happy Life?
                                                      CONGRATULATIONS! YOU are in the right place!
You have found the one stop shop to take control of Your Life TODAY!
Leesa Scott LMT CST is “YOUR Guide to Whole Health & Renewed Energy”

Leesa knows what works because she lives it every day. Her approach has evolved over many years of personal practice and thoroughly observing those she has guided toward their health goals.

Leesa was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the late 1980’s. She was given the option of drugs and/or a support group. As the mom of a toddler and an infant the medication, her doctor prescribed wasn’t something she could take while she was nursing her baby.

Unfortunately, the support group only made her feel worse about her future

Leesa is a problem solver... so she decided to learn as much as she could about this autoimmune disorder called by the names of Fibromyositis, Fibrositis, and Fibromyalgia. Her result was the best thing that could have happened for herself and her young family.

She discovered the importance of a (W)holistic Lifestyle. "Why to spell (W)holistic and not holistic?"
For Leesa, wholistic means incorporating all areas of your life to overcome disease and dysfunction, bringing YOUR whole-being together, mind, body, and spirit. When she sees the word hole, as in holistic, she sees a void.

Leesa realized that modifying one or two areas of her lifestyle had only temporary results at best.

Through trial and error, Leesa has been able to identify and categorize the necessary areas within one’s lifestyle to change and/or modify so this debilitating dysfunction can be controlled or even cured!

The areas she has identified are Positive Thought, Rest, Alignment, Nutrition and being Active. PRANA, which means Life-Giving Force.

P- having positive thoughts

R- getting restorative restful…

Leesa Scott

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