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    For healers, artists, light-workers and fitness professionals who are tired of wasting money on copywriters who don’t get it, and want to learn an easy, authentic, intuitive way to write their own copy.

    You might want to write:

    A bio
    Your book
    A sales page
A mission statement
    A blog
    or your about page.

    The hardest thing for a healer to do is talk about themselves and their services, products and programs in a way that feels authentic, worthy and brave.

    We get stuck worrying about what others will think and whether or not we’ll be judged as…




    Not good or experienced enough

    …instead of focusing on all the people we might help with our vulnerable messages. 

It’s time to be brave and get over those fears. It’s time to share yourself in a bigger way.

    Whatever it is you want to express, you’re good enough, and there are powerful tools you can put into place to start writing words that heal yourself and the world and have your clients clamoring to learn about your programs, services and offerings.

Your message is important. 

Your mission and calling are unique. 

Not everyone gets what you do.

    It’s time to help prospective clients understand exactly what you’re offering and how their lives will change and transform by working with you.

    This workshop is a powerful 90-minutes of Brave Healing and Intuitive Writing that will help you walk away with:

~The biggest secret to writing authentic copy
~A powerful mindset shift to help you get rid of writer’s block
    ~The inspiration and courage you’ll need to start writing out loud and feeling good, worthy and brave about it!

    It’s free. It’s badass. It’s a Brave Healer Production

    Because we have work to do; good healing work. And the world isn’t going to change unless we learn how to be out loud about our place in it.

    Ready to learn the secrets to intuitive copywriting and begin writing and speaking the words that will help you build your business and platform with clients you dream about?

    Grab your seat today!