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Laura Cropper

Lose Weight Permanently and Feel Amazing!

My name is Laura Cropper and I"m a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. I work one on one with individuals to reach their health goals. Weight Loss is a goals for many and most of my clients did not have the tools necessary when we first met. I design a plan specifically for them around their gender, age, medical history, family history and habits.

I believe in Bio-Individuality which is the fact that no two people are the same therefore what works for one may not work for someone else. With my individual care and support for each and every client, Health Goals are attainable and confidence is restored.

I have a complimentary requrired consultation for every client which allows me to determine their plan and answer all questions involved. Every plan includes two 50 minute (approximate) appointments and most can be in the comfort of the clients home. Every package can include a pantry make-over, market/ingredient lesson, gym visits and/or yoga classes, whatever is necessary for that specific client.

To hear more please email me or call 707-509-9880 or visit me on the web at

I'm looking forward to speaking with you 🙂

Laura Cropper

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