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Kristin Blair Wnuk

Life Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and Educator

My name is Kristin and I am a Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator...and most of all, I am passionate about giving people the tools to break free of limiting thoughts and behaviors and embrace their own personal power. As such, I have earned the name, The Fear Whisperer. We are all motivated by a desire to get our needs met. I help people understand themselves better and embrace new perspectives and possibilities. I am the founder of Action for Life Coaching and the author of two books.

In recent years, this passion has turned toward supporting children with ADHD and their parents. As a mother of a child with ADHD, I searched for the best ways to help my child thrive. While there are many support strategies available, I began to clearly understand that the communication style between parent and child was a critically important factor in impacting a child's development. In my latest book, The ADHD Truth Maze: How to Unravel ADHD and Believe in Your Child's Gifts, my goal is to provide strategies that support children with ADHD as well as their parents in creating positive learning experiences and environments.

I have also developed a passion for anti-bullying education and teaching young people how to get their needs met in constructive ways, instead of using bully behaviors that demean and humiliate others.

As a Certified Life Coach for over ten years, my greatest joy is helping people find the answers they seek.

I am also the author of the book, Action for Life! 12 Secrets for Creating Your Best Life.

I am married, the mother of three, and I reside in beautiful North Carolina.

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Awards and Affiliations

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Life Coaching, University of Sedona

Certified Life Coach, Fearless Living Institute

BSBA, University of Florida

Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner (Level 2)


Causes and Organizations

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anti-Bullying Education, Parenting Support, Challenging fear-based thinking

Kristin Blair Wnuk

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