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Kristie Pedersen

The kind-hearted coach.

I always knew I was meant to do something...more....bigger....that I was here to make a difference. I just didn't know what it was. And then, I finally found my life's purpose as a health coach.  It was my passion for helping others feel empowered and deep interest in nutrition that led me down the road to becoming a health coach. It was the dream I always had.

As a Certified Health and Life Wellness Coach, my approach is heart-centered and holistic- the body, mind, spirit, and heart-they are connected.  I help busy women feel empowered by providing an organic, whole food, plant-based approach to having fun, feeling great, shedding weight, reducing stress, gaining energy, and finding time for self-care in their schedules without making sacrifices.

Awards and Affiliations

Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute.

Certified Nutrition Counselor, Natural Healing Institute.

Holistic MBA (expected graduation 5/18), Health Coach Institute.

Causes and Organizations

Farm Sanctuary

animal rescues and shelters

Kristie Pedersen

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