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    Kimberly Rex posted an update
    Amazon Rainforest Virtual Group Repattenring The burning of the Amazon Rainforest has a direct impact on the health of the life within the forest as well as the entire planet. As part of the Amazon Action Day on September 5, 2019, Windows to the Heart Repatterning is offering a FREE repatterning process to consider and shift resonance with the need to protect this vital part of our planetary ecosystems. There are many reasons we need to protect this rainforest, all its inhabitants and for life on Earth itself. Read more and Register for FREE repatterning here: lookingupintotrees
    Kimberly Rex posted an update
    Finding Your Inner Compass Virtual Group Repatterning on August 17, 2019 Finding your inner compass in a world that asks you to create an outer image that is dissonant with your inner essence leads to feeling disoriented, confused and de-energized. Unresolved traumatic earlier experiences, family and cultural beliefs and overwhelming shifts and changes can override your inner sense of what you value. The truth is that there is only one you. You were born with the DNA from your ancestors AND you were born with a gift and unique expression of the universe. In Chinese Medicine, this is referred to as your Original Self or core essence. So how do you find your back to your core essence? You do so by finding your inner compass. This is your personal invitation to take part in a 60-minute virtual group repatterning process that includes an eBook with activities to map your way into your center. Registration link is located at the base of this page. In this interactive process that includes expressive art modalities, acupressure and meditation that complement the repatterning process, you will find and empower your sense of value, author-ship and meaning in your journey for the rest of your life. For more details and registration: compass

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