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Kimberley Jones

Midwife for Modern Mystics | Intuitive Business Mentor



Kimberley Jones is the Midwife for Modern Mystics, a down-to-earth spiritual teacher, 4th generation intuitive ‘seer’ and an award-winning spiritual mentor and Business Intuitive from Devon in the UK.

Described as “A real life spirit guide” Kimberley is an awakening expert, Soul Whisperer and Intuitive Business Mentor for women, who has spoken at international summits alongside Alberto Villoldo, Dr Judith Orloff, Guy and Katie Hendricks and other thought leaders of our time.


“Kimberley I appreciate you and the Light you are adding to the world.  Lots of Love. Keep shining your magnificent Light! God Bless You.”

– Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, USA, creator of


Kimberley is a ‘gnostic’. So her knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual truths were arrived at by way of profound personal transformation, interior, intuitive means and direct mystical and lived experience, not simply through study or seeking.

Her purpose in this lifetime is as Spiritual Midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine in the everyday lives and businesses of real women 


Voted one of the top thought leaders and influencers of 'Human Potential' in the world by SAP Business Innovation.






Right now Kimberley is completing her book about her own journey of awakening (working title ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’). A feature film based on her book is in the early stages of development (see ‘Luminal – The Movie’).

A welcome return to her passion as a mystical ‘Energyscapes’ energy artist saw Kimberley have sell-out solo exhibitions internationally. She works with private healing art commissions and is the creator of the ‘Everyday Sacred’ range of healing homewares and gifts.

Kimberley is also passionate about raising awareness of spiritual crisis/spiritual emergency and how it is often mistaken for mental illness and is part of the development team for The Spiritual Crisis Network UK. Her story has been featured in SCN founder Catherine G Lucas’ book: ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ and in the best selling series ‘Experiences from the Light’. She is also a newly appointed advisory board member for the charity…

Kimberley Jones

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