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Kerry Barker

♥ sharing positivity, writing from the heart and shining the light ♥

I am still finding myself spiritually. I enjoy helping others on a similar path or those who just need a lift mentally. I am finding my way through life's up's and down's, getting through the tough stuff, learning from my mistakes.  Through my own personal journey, my mission is to share my positive thinking by writing quotes which I share publicly, primarily on my Facebook page.

I have been spiritually aware for about 20 years, but it's only within the last five years, after a spell of stress and anxiety, realising that being an empath had a quite a large part to play in that, I started to explore my spiritual side more. We all need a lift from time to time. The mind may tend to wander and, if you're anything like me, anxiety can kick in and take your train of thought down another path. My writing is all about picking that up, looking at situations with a logical mind and realigning it with positivity, we can view issues from a different angle.

My passion is writing. For me, my best times for writing are through the tough times. However, also relating to others going through similar struggles also helps me in a way. It's like a therapy. Although I am very much still developing spiritually, my aim is to share positivity and shine my light as far and wide as I can. Even if it helps just one person, I'd have done a pretty good job.

Love, Light & Blessings,


Kerry Barker

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