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“YOU are here to SHINE !”

My name is Kerryann - “I am an Advocate for Authenticity!”
I live in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I have 2 x beautiful married daughters, 5 x divine grandchildren, 3 x Businesses, Studying a Post Grad & Undergrad at University (as we are all continually learning),  I have a strong passion to educate, inspire and motivate people to be “Authentic” and to “Thrive & Shine” in ALL areas of their lives.

Aligned Choices:    “Consulting-Coaching-Counselling” >30yrs

For start-ups, hobbies and established socially responsible "Authentic & Transparent" businesses:  Through Education, Inspiration & Facilitation to Empower people to Achieve their Business / Life - Goals & Dreams Authentically!

This is achieved:

Firstly by identifying whether current or a new concept/idea is likely to be viable and sustainable and if it aligns with - Personal / Business Core Values:

"Purpose ~ Passion ~ People ~ Planet ~ Profit" &  "What ~ How ~ Where ~ When ~ Why" 

By using in-house framework "THE MATRIX" which gets to the core of an individuals and/or a businesses underpinning motivations, it aids in gaining CLARITY ~ DIRECTION ~ FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

The aims and outcomes are to develop an actionable, viable and sustainable Blueprint(Plan) to achieve Life/Business goals & dreams.

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Inner Soul Communication:  Qualified Counsellor & Holistic Therapist >20yrs 

Focus is on the whole person and their self-care:
Exploring, collaborating, co-creating the tools that supports, heals and empowers individuals to live a more conscious and aware life.... these individuals aspire to create and sustain a healthy "Mind-Body-Soul."

Inner-Soul Communications uses various holistic therapies and counselling practices that are unique and customised for each individual with the intention of optimal health and wellbeing.

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p: +61 417063738

Doterra Oils & AromaTouch Therapy: Wellness Advocate #1553845
“I am a lover of life and Advocate for Authenticity & Self-Care”

I integrate  doTERRA Essential Oils into my…

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