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Kelly St Claire

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Crystal Healer | Nutrition & Lifestyle Mentor | Intuitive Guidance

Hi, I'm Kelly St Claire, I'm a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer and Intuitive Goddess.

It is my absolute pleasure to work with women and men around changing their lives by reclaiming ALL of who they are- including the parts of themselves they would rather hide.


There is great power there, and it's my mission is to help women and men transform their bodies and lives into the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.


I help people through both physical channels (diet, exercise and lifestyle) and also address the energetic parts.


It's important to address both physical AND energetic aspects of your body, mind and soul.

I help women and men change their negative self- perception around their bodies, emotional eating, reinventing their beauty so they confidently glide through all of the twists and turns of life.


I offer help locally as well as distance. This includes One to One Coaching,  Group Coaching, Crystal and Energetic Healing.

I'm a trained Life and Holistic Nutrition Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, CCH-Certified Crystal Healer, ACM-Advanced Crystal Master through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, Master Hair Designer/Beauty Stylist for over 25 years, and Tarot/Intuitive Goddess.


I found my own way through a deep journey of depression, distorted body image, destructive relationship with food, physical pain and chronic stress, and lack of self-confidence through working with crystals, nutrition and self discovery, and by exploring the shadow side of myself- bringing love and compassion to those areas.


I re-claimed myself and claimed a life of health and spiritual growth and that’s what I bring to others.


I learned that no matter how many physical things I changed, nothing would stick until I addressed ALL of myself and that includes balancing my vibrational frequency.


I work with crystals as they are an extremely helpful tool (friend, ally) to catch imbalances and dis-ease in the energy field before they affect us in the physical.


Energetic/Crystal Healing and Crystal Reiki (can be performed at a distance and I will also help you connect with your own crystal allies and teach you how to maintain your own health through nutrition, lifestyle and crystals.



Private and Small Group Coaching both locally and online.

Crystal Healing- (locally and at a distance)

Crystal Reiki-  (locally and at a distance)

Classes and Workshops

VIP Group- Day Retreats.

-Shadow Sessions (reclaim the "worst" parts of yourself.)



-Better Body Image.

-End Emotional Eating. (free offer)

-Weight Release after 40.

-Chronic Stress

-Nutritional Peace -improve your relationship with food.

-Intuitive Arts- Tarot and Intuition.

-Creative Writing for Transformation.

Kelly St Claire

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