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Kelly Myerson

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Community, Connection, & Wellness Coaching

I know you’re beyond exhausted. You’ve probably got into the habit of trading out your sleep to get more items off your mind and to do list. Are you also prioritizing the need of everyone else before your own? I have been there too.

Listen, after having a kid, who wasn’t consistently sleeping through the night, I hit rock bottom!

I took my 20 years of experience specializing in sensory processing disorders an occupational therapist and overhauled my health, my wellness, and my home environments.

My personal wellness journey has included life with food allergies, decluttering spaces, detoxifying my body and my environment, personal growth and so much more! Now, I am here to co-create your wellness journey. Together, we will identify your wellness priorities and develop a plan that you are excited to follow!

 I've become a holistic entrepreneur to bring a wealth of experience and fun science to inspire you. Let's get
you the best night of sleep ever!

This year I've expanded to authorship!! Check out my recent chapters: Sacred Sleep: Cultivating the Best Sleep of Your Life in the Amazon best-selling book, The Ultimate Guide to Self-healing, Volume 4 and Courageous Self-care: Putting Myself First to Serve Others in the Amazon best-selling book Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2, and Radical Self-care for Caregivers: Nourishing Yourself Through Grief and Loss in the Amazon best-selling book Sacred Death. Coming soon in September: Sacred Rest: Be at Your Best by Doing Less in Sacred Medicine. All available to order now at 

Instagram: @beingwellwithkelly

Clubhouse: @kellymyerson

Follow this link for a freebie and to follow me for radical self-care! Be well.

Certifications and Credentials

BS Occupational Therapy

Certification Sensory Integration

MA Strategic Communication & Leadership

Kelly Myerson

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