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My name is Kayliz Oakes. I am a life-long student of human nature and I continue to be on a journey of soul discovery. As an example of my professional and personal call to serve, I have created an online course about wisdom that captures a synopsis of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over a lifetime. And, I want you to know that, even as I teach the course in wisdom, I am also learning again by reinforcing the best that my knowledge and experience has given me during my life.

Let me tell you a little more about me. My personal story is likely familiar to you, as it has common features with the personal stories of many: I was ambitious and a high achiever in my 20s and 30s and fell into alcoholism in my 40s. In my 50s, I was rescued by yoga, spirituality, and 12-Step participation, at which time I gained a deep understanding of what life means to me, and I simultaneously became committed to helping others understand the meaning in their lives. Additionally, just so you know, I am a semi-retired professor of clinical counseling, a former business executive, a mentor of spiritual engagement, and I am inspired by the basic, common truths found in all spiritual worldviews.

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