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Katt Tozier

Intuitive Astrology, Energy Medicine & Holistic Healing

Hi, I'm Katt Tozier, Mystic Medicine Woman & Spiritual Mentor. I teach spiritual seekers how to find their truth, claim their healing magic, and create the life they came to live.

I teach Energy Medicine & Holistic Healing skills to help others heal body, mind, heart, and spirit, and I intuitively guide others through Astrology, Numerology, Tarot & Akashic Records readings.

My signature Healing Magic process utilizes a unique merger of chakra healing, working with your natal energy, and creating a healing field through energy medicine and holistic healing practices.

A great introduction to how this works is through my free mini-course, Healing Magic 101: The 4 Gateways of Personal Power - all you need to do to access it (along with other resources) is join my free Healing Magic Academy & Facebook Group here >> Healing Magic Academy & Facebook Group

You can also learn more on my blog at, on my Facebook Page Mystic Katt Healing Magic, and through my Instagram feed

Katt Tozier

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