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I was born in London, England. My mother was very psychic but also very afraid of her abilities, but she taught me to have an open mind about all matters spiritual.

As a teenager I was fascinated by the idea of reading Tarot cards but I believed that reading books about it was not the right way to go and that one day someone would come into my life to teach me. I was right, but I had to wait over 20 years until 1999 for my teacher to come along. I read cards for friends, family and workmates until about ten years ago when I was offered a table at a psychic fair and have been doing readings at events ever since.

In the late 1990s one of my dogs visited an animal communicator. What she told me blew me away and I knew that she was speaking with my boy because he told her something she couldn't possibly have known. I so desperately wanted to do this but again I decided that I would wait for a teacher to come along to show me how to communicate with animals. Again I had to wait for some years! Until 2012 in fact!

I had come across an old friend I'd lost touch with. I soon found out that she is an assessor for trainee communicators and teaches classes. I contacted her immediately and booked my place on her next weekend workshop!

That weekend changed my life. I came home to my lovely, supportive partner Mike and told him I finally know why I exist in this world and what my purpose is. I set about practicing every chance I could get. I used any excuse – speaking with my friend's pets, wild animals when out walking, birds, and I would send messages to people on Facebook who had problems with their pets offering to see if I could find out why they did what they did. Within months I was working about 3 to 4 hours a day on communications.

After 2 years of practicing I had a reasonable…

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