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For years I was fascinated by Tarot but believed reading books was not the right way to learn and that one day a teacher would come along. I was right, but had to wait over 20 years!  I read cards for friends, family and workmates until about 15 years ago when I was offered a table at a psychic fair and have been doing professional readings since.

In the late 1990s one of my dogs visited an animal communicator. What she told me blew me away!  I desperately wanted to do this but again decided  I would wait for my teacher.  Again I had to wait years! Until 2012 in fact!

When I learned animal communication I understood why I exist in this world and what my purpose is. I set about practicing every day. Within months I was working 3 to 4 hours a day.

After 2 years practice I had a reasonable client base who I read for regularly, who wanted to pay me for my services. I felt I was now in a position to become a professional Animal Communicator and make my dream my life's work.

I now run workshops both online and face to face in the UK and the USA and of course spend much of my days speaking with many wonderful animals.

I love being the voice of animals who would not otherwise be heard, including those pets who have passed over.  I try to help to improve relationships between my clients and their pets, and help the humans realise just how much their animals understand, and that they are thinking, feeling souls just like us.

Animals have been my greatest teachers and I'm forever grateful to the universe for allowing me to follow this path.

Kathy Zablotzky

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