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Katherine Howard

Restoration of Our Future ~ Soul • Environment • Body • Community • Family

I grew up in a small town in southwestern Ohio, studied music, especially voice and flute, and left to travel the country at age 19 in 1996.  Thereafter, I began writing songs, working with musicians, as well as an arts and music production company, performing and promoting music, going by the stage name 'Soul Whisper'.  In 2004, I began a devoted study and practice of Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation.  In 2006, I released my first book called "Wisdom from King Solomon".  In 2007, I connected with Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and in 2008 began the Eco-Sustainable Classical Feng Shui Professional Certification Program, which I graduated from in July 2009.  I currently live in Northern California.

My work is in the RESTORATION OF OUR FUTURE through the restoration of soul, environment, body, community & family. With proper application of our attention combined with tremendous love, we can achieve any creative thing we set our hearts on. 



Soul Whisper

All Original Spiritual Roots Music

Enjoy the pure sounds of Soul Whisper, inspiring hearts to listen to the voice of the Soul in this overly materialistic world - the Soul, our true nature Who whispers deep inside each one of us the secrets of happiness and eternal blessings. Soul Whisper wishes to share songs to help tune the heart and mind with the Soul once again, easing the burden of the world. Soothing to the Soul, and uplifting to the heart, Soul Whisper's messages are unique. She sings of principles of nature to keep communities unified and strong, and lives flourishing.

"Listen to the Soul, hear what She has to say. All the day we listen to the mind and the material world, Sit, go within, and listen to the Soul, Hear what She has to say..."  or 



Soul Whisper Consulting

Classical Feng Shui & Eco Regenerative Design

Now more than ever, classical feng shui is a powerful tool that can be utilized to help restore our environments and the earth to their natural states of harmony. Combining classical feng shui with…

Katherine Howard

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