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Kate Reust

Healing the Healers. Online Empathic Healer Courses. Shifting the bodymind, Restoring self Communication, Knowing, Movement & Tranquility.

I'm blessed each day to be allowed to do what I do.  It's a whole different ball of string to work with a body clairvoyant, empath that is also trained in the touch sciences.

Shamiana Work is a blend of woowoo (the unexplainable) and science.  It's about BodyMind Restoration, Energy, Massage, Painless Deep Tissue, Light Therapy.  We treat PTSD, TBI, Concussion, Physical trauma or illness and beyond.  Treating your body as it needs NOW – not before or later.

It's not massage - but it's not not massage ~ It's somatic - it's intuitive & educated ~ It's playful yet thoughtful ~ It's provocative and decisive ~ It's the gentle UnWinding of the Knots ~ Where woo woo and science come together for BodyMind restoration.

One client put it this way
She warps time and space then stirs the continuum across multiple dimensions. 
She has bio sensors on her hands to listen to our bodies. 
She isn't bound by time and space.
She drops into attention to who she's touching like most of us drop into chocolate a souffle.

I have been a healer / body seer since near the age of 5 (read that tidbit here).  Explaining what I do can be complicated - it's something that you need to experience.

My professional background spans tech fields,  customer service and over 25 years as a licensed massage practitioner with a focus on homeopathic and therapeutic care.  I have specialized in cranial intraOral work dealing with TBI, concussion, tmj, whiplash and other neuro muscular conditions of the head and neck.  I also specialize in painless therapeutic care of injuries, PTSD and unwinding the knots of old body traumas.

I know how to listen is what it boils down to.  I also know how to teach others to hear 🙂 So yes we have Shamiana classes.

I work with clients both in person and remotely.  We connect via phone, internet, facebook etc.  It's simply shifting and connecting Bio-Electric (me) to electric back to Bio-Electric (the human component recipient or the person their…

Causes and Organizations

My Cause and focus - really is on Healing The Healers.  But we're all healers in one way or another.  So yep - you're my cause - you're my focus.

Helping people find how to heal themselves is pure magic.  Yeah not what you expected huh - YOU ARE MY…

Kate Reust

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