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There is one part of you that knows everything about you, like your personal hard drive. Intuitively, I liberate you from your psychological and physical wounds. I see and release what you have endured to free you from your past experience. Each healing ends with a gift from your soul to you. What would your heart tell you to be and do? Send me a message and I will explain more... I am passionate about the beauty of your soul, human happiness, and global consciousness. All healing is a cleansing of the illusion that you are anything but love.

Awards and Affiliations

"It is like a rebirth" - Joris
"I feel like an open book. Suddenly, the emotions I had locked away and barriers I had built up were gone" - Erik
"It is an immense relief, and I am so very glad that I dare to have trust in the process…

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Intuitive Healer passionate about the beauty of our souls, human happiness and global consciousness.

Katarina Winslow

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