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Karen Stone

Committed To The Emotional Well-Being of All Children

Karen has 45 yrs experience in education, preschool-college. A BA in Special Ed/MA in Learning Disabilities. She is also a parent of a child with significant disabilities. Recently, she became certified as an EQ practitioner through Six Seconds.  She has been the CEO of SoftStone Products, Inc.,for the past 20 years though this journey to help children emotionally began over 35 years ago.

Karen’s commitment to Emotional Intelligence for children stems from her history of being bullied and surviving a dysfunctional family. She has spent the last 30 years being a workshop leader and keynote speaker and has published children’s Emotional Intelligence programs (Pre-school-HS) that are research-based and have been piloted. Her website has been designed to provide, at no cost, helpful activities that are engaging and developmentally appropriate to all early childhood parents and caregivers so they can implement the “Voices of CJ” with fun and ease.

Her focus is now totally early childhood as brain research now stipulates that the emotional brain is developing the fastest between birth and six with EQ skills being critical for social and emotional learning as they are not innate.  The Parent and Teacher packages include all the needed information along with CJ to bring EQ into homes and classrooms.  Each of her characters represents one of the EQ skills that speaks to the important childhood experiences needed for them to reach their greatest potential. They are: sharing empathy, developing self-confidence, learning to delay gratification, how to self-soothe and manage one’s emotions, becoming accountable for one’s actions and persisting in the face of frustration.

She has created many colorful materials for children to embrace and enjoy so they can play their way to becoming emotionally intelligent (EQ Smart).  She now writes an EQ Blog that is viewed on major network websites keeping her followers abreast of important happenings. Karen published her story and life’s purpose in 2017 entitled, “Is Your Child’s World Emotionally Safe?” Book and Kindle version is available on Amazon. Her most exciting accomplishment in 2018 has been the creation…

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Karen’s passion and dream of CJ, her life’s work and her professional and personal commitment to people with intellectual disabilities have now merged together. Recognizing the vocational abilities of people with disabilities and creating emotionally safe environments for children in…

Karen Stone

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