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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR Specialist I look to help my clients make positive changes to help them find happiness again. It was through my own trauma that I found my path as a therapist. Having my own experience has without doubt helped me help others along with excellent training and support from fellow therapists.

I work with clients with all of the following and more-

PTSD, Emotional Trauma, Pain, ADHD, Autism, Confidence problems, Low Self-Esteem, Weight issues, Functional Neurological Disorder, Insomnia, Pregnancy and Birth, Bruxism, Enuresis, Fear of flying etc.

Awards and Affiliations

Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma EMDR

Diploma NLP

Master Hypnotist

Weight control Specialist

Certificate Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills

Karen Lee

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