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J.V. Manning

Real life ~ Inspired

Who is J.V. Manning?

She is at times her own best friend and at times her own worst enemy. Some days she has her stuff together. Some days she is a hot mess. She drinks way too much coffee, but always seems to be tired. She thinks a lot - probably too much. Her brain never really shuts off. She is quirky. She is a bit random. She is a tad bit crazy at times. She has been to hell and back and isn't afraid to write about it. She is a bit outspoken, probably too blunt and tends to speak her mind. She refuses to break regardless of what life throws at her. She likes to make people think.

She lives life randomly - fueled by lotsa coffee.

J.V. is not a celebrity. She does not hold a bunch of fancy degrees. She is not famous (yet) nor different from anyone who reads her work. She is the woman next door, the chick at the coffee shop, and the one singing in her truck at a traffic light. She is a wife, a stepmother, a sister and a friend. J.V. is simply a woman who has seen both the darkest of days and the brightest moments that life has to offer and who one day decided to write about them.

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop, talking to your best friend about life and how easy that conversation flows. J.V.’s work is just like that.

Real life – Inspired. Oh, and very, very caffeinated.

Often J.V. can be found sitting on the rocky coast of Maine gazing out lost in thought at the ocean or wandering around the woods behind the home she shares with her husband and son in Gorham, Maine. She almost always has a coffee in hand and a determined look on her face while randomly contemplating life and all of its lessons.

J.V. Manning

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