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Here's a link to my personal site, which contains pages entitled “Purpose of Life”, “Spiritual Healing”, and “United Earth”, sections entitled “The One, Self-Knowledge 'Know Thyself', Who We Really Are, the Truth”, “Self-Realization, Enlightenment, Liberation, Theory of Everything”, “Oneness”, “The Alpha and the Omega”, “Light and Sound, Zero Amplitude and Infinity Frequency, Peace and Love”, “Perpetual Motion”, “The Ages”, “Circles”, “Creation”, “Destiny and Free Will”, “Meditation”, “Ki, Life Energy, Mana, Prana, Qi, Vital Force”, “The Elements and Theory of Evolution”, “Ideal Diet”, “Crystals, Gems, and Precious Metals”, “Spirituality and Science”, “Declaration to Create a United Earth”, “A United Earth”, and “Uniting as One”, and more:

Justin Furuta

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